​​​​​​​​​​AN ESSAY: Christians & Jews, 

​Will They be Targeted by New Leadership in America?

Opinion, based on evidence by

Rev. Chris Meier

(This essay was written before 2019. A new essay, with new information will be put up in our continuing effort to warn American citizens of the dangers in electing officials with a socialistic agenda.)

Table of Contents:

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Socialists Targeting States: Florida: Page 1
Persecution: Page 1
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The Lie: Page 2 (Click here)
How Did We Get Here: Page 3 (Click here)
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There is a claim that elections in America can place the church (as well as Jews) in serious peril when the Democrats take both or one part of the legislature over. This question needs to be answered by every Christian and Jew. Some have already said the church is in danger and others have said it is not, or it does not matter. My position is that if we are even asking the question, we are already in trouble. I take this position as a result of history; church history, world history and the specific history we have in America. Unequivocally, how we vote will show whether we hold the door open to preach the gospel freely for the next 40 years, or we slam the door shut and open a door to an America who is free in memory only. 

This is our first question which must be addressed by the Body of Christ and I will attempt to answer it here. The next question, based upon the answer to the first question is, why? Why should the Body of Christ, or any other religion which follows the tenets of the Bible be in peril if the Democrats take over the House of Representatives and/or the Senate? The last series of questions we must then ask ourselves, as Bible believers and followers is, how did we get here? Have we been here before and is there any real way to know the truth of which party is placing us in peril, and why? How do we change what’s been done?


​There are those saints who don’t vote. Sometimes that’s because they have lost their voting rights. Sometimes it’s because some believe voting to be below their superior spiritual endeavors. Some also, somewhat rightly, may decide that most politicians are crooks. So voting either way means little or nothing for their walk in Christ. In some respects, we do see politicians today who are crooks. Alas, those who are honest will walk into a Federal or State system which will make them unending tools, campaigning and collecting funds incessantly for their particular party. Both parties at the Federal level require an adherence to money-collecting if the particular member wants to sit on any of the various and specialized committees, deciding what interest gets what appropriations; never mind if they want to present legislation with other members of their respective caucuses or bodies politic.(1)

The system sets up a real quandary for many honest officials who were elected to make a difference. None of this absolves the biblically faithful from voting. Nor does it absolve us from searching out which party or politician asking for our vote is more inclined to adhere to biblical standards. If you think it doesn’t matter, you should ask yourself the question what other Christians the world over experience as government and how it affects their ability to share Jesus, attend church, give tithes and offerings, help the church move forward by teaching converts biblical doctrines and how Christianity is allowed access to the public square in their respective countries.

​Here is the answer: Under socialism, communism, some monarchies, as well as governments controlled by various religions, Christians are not allowed to share Jesus freely. In many of those places Christians are not allowed to attend church, or the church of their choice. In many socialistic countries, including some in Europe, they have instituted regulations whereby giving tithes and offerings as one chooses is hampered. Also added is the inability to share Christ where one wants to, as well as the ability to teach and train converts. Under the above-mentioned ideologies which control governments, access to the public square by Christians is not allowed. This includes Europe (see note 5).

​Many Americans wrongly believe that could never happen in America. I say they are wrong because it already has happened in America.(2) In fact, if the Democrat running for president in 2016 had gotten elected, one of, if not the first law to be enacted would have been to target religious freedoms.(3) When she didn’t get elected, top Democrats wanted to adversely amend the law which protects the faithful from violating their consciences.(4) We have to understand that what Clinton believed and what she desired to do to get America there has not left the Democrat Party. It is at the cornerstone of what the Democrat Party is today and what it will do when it gets full control of either the House or the Senate, if its desires are fulfilled by YOU, the voter.

So what your government is and how it functions makes a huge difference as to whether or not you will be able to function freely as a Christian. In most of the above-mentioned ideologies, your ability to work at the job of your choice will also be seriously undermined if it is found out that you are a Christian. While in some socialistic countries that might be against the law, targeting of Christians goes on quietly behind the scenes. In other socialistic countries, it is a well-known and accepted practice.(5) Most folks do not realize this is the norm in Europe.

In fact, for those of you on our mailing list, you have received two different mailings in October/November 2018 for this article. The reason you did was because search engines and social media platforms have been targeting sites which mention key words concerning the elections. They then place those sites and social media platforms in a slow-walking purgatory. This has already happened with our social media platforms. To avoid their restrictions, we had to change link names as well as picture content. They're not doing that to everyone. When I mentioned to our featured artist that her painting, "I've Got Your Back," depicting Jesus after his "interrogation" by the Roman guards through the use of flogging, was labeled as "too graphic" by Facebook and thus rejected for all advertising, she decided to try to post and advertise it herself. As an artist living in a more liberal part of the country, she easily paid a fee and those machine algorithms at Facebook allowed her to advertise the painting. While, back here in sunny Florida as a legal non-profit, we weren't allowed to post the painting of Jesus; nor were we allowed to advertise. We were rejected three times. On the fourth attempt, I removed the painting. They slow-walked the process so badly, that a worm was placed on my computer. Thankfully, after deleting our request and updating the pages, we were able to purge their wormy censorship. Twitter has been a different story altogether, but that's another topic for another day!


Realizing that control of America must begin at the state level, George Soros and many billionaire socialists are flooding money into state elections, where local candidates cannot compete against these radical socialists with large treasure chests of funds.(6) This is the same man who has promised to make sure all conservative voices will be shut down on the Internet by 2020.(7) I have had several Christians tell me that the one thing they find so hard about this election is the fact that they’ve heard very little about conservatives or republicans running in their respective states on the news or the Internet. I’ve had the same experience in Florida.

​In order to understand why control is so important for socialists, let’s look at a state like Florida. Florida is a right-to-work state, meaning if you want to join a union you can, if you don’t, your funds are not taken from your paycheck automatically. Socialists don’t like that. It flies in the face of their strike-and-fight-and-take-from-your-pay business model. In fact, news about how bad the socialist running for governor in Florida was, was not told on Florida TV stations. I can tell you, if what he had done and said were done by a conservative, it would have made most 24-hour news cycles. One of his campaign workers tweeted death by execution to the President of the United States. It didn’t stop there. Gillum placed the individual in charge of “youth outreach.” While reaching out to Florida’s youth, they wore a T-shirt with the red states who voted for Trump labeled as “DumbF___istan” and the blue states labeled as The United States of America. Firing occurred only after it came to light— and the Republicans in the state made such an uproar— that it became obvious it might actually make local news. It has not, by the way. Another of his campaign workers entered into a profane-laced tirade before throwing chocolate milk on republican students after she admitted to being a communist. Finally, Gillum's long-time friend and college buddy admitted that the candidate will fulfill none of his promises. That was after the man called Florida a ****-up cracker state with white crackers. (8) When confronted, Gillum called the man a "vendor" and said his statements were regrettable. I tried to get our local news to air, at least Gillum's comments, all to no avail.  

​In Florida, the Democrat running for governor is supported by the cash funds of George Soros, the billionaire socialist bankrolling the captivity of America.(9) Why Florida, you might ask? Because Florida has no state income tax. Florida is among the healthiest states, economically. Florida was nearing bankruptcy before Rick Scott, the Republican governor got in almost eight years ago. She now has the 17th largest economy WORLDWIDE. You read that right. Not just in America, but the entire world.(10) This flies in the face of the socialist’s mantra. After all, how can a state be solvent while not collecting the very income tax the Progressives (socialists) instituted in the 1900s? They did it by enacting the 16th Amendment, also known as the IRS-income tax amendment, under the progressive-Democrat Woodrow Wilson. The Republican running for governor in Florida, Ron De Santis, wants to continue making Florida the envy of the nation and the world. On the other hand, if the Democrat is allowed to get in, Florida’s non-income tax state badge will be lost. Her excellent credit rating will be diminished, thereby losing jobs.(11) Her religious freedoms will be in doubt, as one of a minority of states which honor the religious freedoms of the pastorate. Because of those laws I can write things other churches in other states cannot write on their websites. Florida will lose that, as well as 2nd Amendment and other 4th and 5th Amendment rights. In fact, in every place where religious freedoms are honored in deed, not just by mouthing the words, economic health is seen. 

​In fact, the Democrat in Florida wants a “Medicare-for-all” approach and the abolition of ICE. When demeaning and abolishing law enforcement is your platform, crime increases. The Democrat, Gillum was a mayor and city commissioner in Tallahassee from 2002/3 to 2017, as crime in that city skyrocketed.(12) Not only is the media being dishonest about this, they are attempting to hide it. It was easy to find the truth about the police pleas to the commissioners for more money as the crime rate soared and the city commissioners ignored them. I easily found articles from around the state proving that Gillum and the commission ignored the police, thus triggering an FBI investigation into Tallahassee shenanigans— especially when he became mayor of the city. I can no longer find the articles which made the specific connections when I search Google, now that his campaign has gone state and nationwide.(13) Now, I only find national media and local left-leaning articles stating how the socialistic policies of Gillum and the majority of city commissioners are not to blame, nor is his time as mayor.

​Gillum, the socialist-Democrat running for governor of Florida, was lagging behind the Democrat’s front-runners during the primaries until Bernie Sanders, with George Soros’ money showed up to put him on top. Soros has had meetings with media execs where he said that conservative voices will be shut down by 2020. When that happens, no one will be able to learn the truth, or counteract what the Democrats want you to know.(14) This is the reason why researchers like myself have noticed a problem with Google search-engine results. It happened while Clinton was running for president. 

It has been rightfully estimated that the Bernie-Sanders type medicare for all, which is what ALL democrats run on, will cost $32 trillion dollars over 10 years. That means Florida will get a 40 percent tax increase. Gillum is trying to say he will only take it on the backs of businesses. Most Floridians don’t realize most businesses or corporations in Florida are mom-and-pop style workaday folks. This means, if I do the math— namely because no one else has— Florida will lose roughly 30 to 50 percent of her businesses over 10 years.(15) Think about that for people, never mind churches who need their business members. In fact, many Floridians will lose their jobs because they work for businesses— or, as the Democrat Gillum has said— “big corporations”— or, as reality has shown, mom and pop businesses. 

Another problem nobody wants to talk about is the wait times as well as the financial crises this type of health care will be for Americans. In Canada you can wait two or more years for hip replacement surgery and over a year for cataract removal. The UK has fewer doctors, nurses and hospital beds per capita than any other industrialized nation, and is in a state of almost constant crisis. Look no further than our own Veterans Administration to see how inefficient government-run, single-payer healthcare is.(16) Florida wants to open its borders to many health insurance companies. This will drive down costs. All she needs to do next is create a risk pool for those with pre-existing conditions. It’s far easier to fix the problems which exist in an open-market healthcare system, than it is to create another socialistic nightmare. 

There is another problem: Florida has a large Jewish population. I doubt many of them know the socialist-Democrat running for governor hates Israel and supports boycotting them into oblivion.(17) This, by the way, is a common pattern with socialists. There are other problems in how socialists try to control localities. It is especially bad during a storm. I want you to remember the nonsense of Katrina or Sandy and how it translated into restoring electric service and evacuation. I have quite a bit of experience with living and knowing others who have lived during storm recovery, especially in those areas affected by those storms. I’ve seen it done right and I’ve seen microcosms of areas who do it very wrong. Frequently, this has to do with the clash of socialistic values and American values. Remember, socialism is a foreign ideology. It is alien to our shores and the American way of life and values.

Now, let me give you some specifics as to why it takes longer in socialist-controlled regions when they are in right-to-work states to restore power. Their own pro-socialist districts get restored, but those who support right-to-work do not. During a disaster non-union as well as unionized workers come to help. That’s because one area’s utilities usually cannot overcome a disaster-type work load. So crews from all over the country come in to support the local companies who coordinate the work. It is easily done and protocols are in place for it to be done. Those protocols disregard the “union” badge. All the protocols care about is efficiency and safety, especially for the line crews. 

That’s why what Gillum, the socialist did in Tallahassee during a minor storm was beyond credulity.(18) He did not allow non-unionized crews to work to help restore power. His “supporters” were well cared for, but the republican areas of town were without power for weeks. It got so bad that the Republican governor stepped in. The excuse was that they needed to restore the power so no one would be electrocuted. Really? Wow, if you believe that power crews all over the country and the companies who support them don’t know how to keep crews safe from electrocution, and that translates to people being without power from a minor storm for weeks, then I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. 

The reality is that if you do not vote, you vote because you give ungodliness a place to have a foothold. If you do not get involved, you do the same thing. If you do not research, or at least read and research articles like this to help arrive at a potential understanding, you make a mockery of the hard work millions of Christians did in founding America and instituting a set of laws to enable you to function as a Christian. In fact, if you refuse your responsibility you help “someone else” undermine and destroy the very laws which protect you and your fellow Bible followers.


We have seen a major uptick in religious persecution, especially of Christians in America since 2009. This is because socialism has nearly swallowed the Democrat Party whole. Many claim they are not socialists but progressives. There really isn’t a difference between the two. Mrs. Clinton was a progressive, and almost every Democrat will claim to be one as well. Progressivism is socialism slow-walked. Instead of one hundred years to take your rights and money and one hundred-fifty years to become totally communist, it may take ten percent more time. The reality is that progressives must start the processes to total control. This is the reason for the uptick in religious persecution in America.

It seems Christians today are totally ignorant of the fact that the socialists have already, or wish to enact law to stop all sharing of the gospel.(19) It doesn’t matter if you are having a private conversation in a mall, or street preaching, or just holding up signs about Jesus. In fact, a republican joined democrats and Muslim leaders to make a resolution which included many religions, but excluded Christianity in making it a hate crime to share things that make people uncomfortable.(20) The bill specifically omits Christians and never defines what hate speech is.

We can see, from previous arrests, that it seems Muslims feel any sharing of Jesus makes them uncomfortable, and is therefore a hate crime. Some are so uncomfortable about this law that one advertiser pulled the plug on a picture of a man holding up a black book, inviting folks to a harvest festival.(21) Arguably, threats were made, which is why they said they cancelled the ad. But if holding up a black book encouraging people to come to a yearly meeting can “trigger” people, what other image or speech is next? The society is being groomed to back off from its free-speech rights, which are forever joined to freedom of religion. For those of you who minister, as I do to abuse victims, abusers’ best method to gain access to victims is through grooming. The devil grooms people to lull them to sleep and weaken their strength in Christ. Is it any wonder digital and other media are doing the same thing with our civic rights?

We know if the trend continues, every Christian is in danger of losing our civil rights. The Church is in the crosshairs of the global socialists who are bankrolling the control of America by helping Democrats gain control of the House and/or Senate, as well as state governors’ mansions, as is the case in Florida.(22) If you would say that is illegal, you must be one of those Christians who believe that they care. You must be one of those Christians who think that because you are not a “Bible Thumper” or a “Tongue-Talker” or a Trump-supporter that they won’t bother you. These people do not care. None of them care what kind of Christian you are. They don’t care if you’re Catholic, Baptist, mainline Protestant or non-denominational. The fact is that both Christians and Jews are cut from the same cloth, in their minds. That means we must be removed, or be so diminished as to have no voice.

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