​Infiltration by the Glory of God

By Christine Meier

Is a dynamic study concerning areas in our lives which can potentially thwart God dwelling in glory. Covering six areas: The Word, The Word in His Prophets, His Knowledge, His Presence, The Name, His Image in His People, His People in His Image. In this comprehensive study of God's manifest glory you will discover God's three purposes for His work on earth, what He requires of every follower of Jesus, how the Holy Spirit purifies the bride, why God must reshape His people in unity, how and when God manifests His glory today. You will be able to evaluate the effect of corporate resistance to change and renewal and how to overcome resistance and prepare the way for God in glory to dwell. (290 pages)



Did you know God wants to speak with you? Most Christians believe they must be called as prophets to share a word from God to another human being. There are two sections to this book. The first is for those who don't know if they have a call of God on their lives. You will learn how to hear God's voice, reviewing biblical examples of His voice and the five avenues for God to convey His word. The second section expands on the first while helping folks who desire to know more about prophetic ministry develop their walk with Christ. You'll learn about the "Word made Flesh," its creating process and purpose, the DNA of God, His timing, how to receive a word from the Lord, when to share, and when to pray, understanding God's word in warfare, enemy weapons and how to combat them with God's word, the sounds of heaven, word types, leadership gifts within Five-fold ministry, and so much more. (available in large print, 215 pages, depending upon size of print ordered)

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THE HOLY SPIRIT​, His Baptism and 21 New Testament Gifts

The Precious Third Person of the Trinity is our constant help and companion here on earth. Without His leading and guiding, living a Christian life is impossible. This study guide will help you learn more about Him and how to recognize when He is gifting you to bless another. We are currently out of print on this item. If you are interested in this study guide please email us and we will give you a more precise time schedule for the new publishing batch. 

​SANCTIFICATION AND TRANSFORMATION: God's Idea of Inner Healing and Deliverance

​This has been a popular study guide to walk yourself through those areas in your life which haven't quite surrendered to the blood of Jesus. Topics covered: What inner healing is and what it is not; Living double-minded; Why people don't get healed, Image Restoration; Deliverance, Redemption, Deliverance Practices, Honoring Parents, Judging, Forgiving, Sowing, Reaping, Bitter Root Expectancy, Performance Orientation, Parental Inversion, Sexual Sins, Strongholds, demonic activity and so much more. You'll go through biblical research in concepts and languages to view Soteriology/Soza, Biblical Conundrums and how you are wonderfully made spirit, soul and body. This is a great study guide for home groups, churches and private Bible studies. Pastor wrote this over a ten year period of time while ministering to the homeless and while building the ministry. It has helped many people realize their full potential in Jesus. (According to publishing batch 90-95 pages. Requesting large print adds pagesAlert: We have two or three guides left (depending upon when you order). We will not be printing a new batch. That's because this guide, with updated, additional info and experience will become Pastor's third book. Due out by the end of 2019, it will be available here and through Amazon, etc. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the publishing date.

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The Polity of God, The Birth of a Nation and the Betrayal of Government

*******CONGRATULATIONS: This book has won the top award for the 2017 Book Excellence Awards: Social/Political Change and has won *********Finalists awards in the 2017 Best Book Awards Law category and 2017 IAN BOTY Awards for the categories of History and general Non-Fiction*********

Have you ever asked yourself how our diverse nation got along to begin with and why we were able to work with one another up until the last fifty years? First, let’s just state the obvious: The religious, agnostics and atheists aren’t leaving the country any time soon. 70 Years of American Captivity reveals documentary proof of a non-sectarian covenant which applies to all Americans within our Federal Compact. You’ll learn how our diverse nation got along and continued to work out our differences while making it a birthplace of liberty and ingenuity. It takes a non-judgmental approach in proving God is NOT “judging” America, while revealing historic, scientific and documentary evidence that the Federal government has broken its covenant to the citizens it swore to protect— and there are literal consequences to this breach which can be systematically explored. Taking screen shots through 500 years of American history allows readers to become infused with a flavor for a very distinct American covenant: One which ties religious, economic and non-sectarian goals under one umbrella of Federal awareness. Factual history and modern news feeds all speak through historical narratives and current stories of injustice in order to prove scientifically to the atheist, biblically for the believer and with common sense for all others that by breaking our American covenant, we will set ourselves up for a seventy-year captivity. This time period will not look like the America we all know and love. There is good news: You’ll explore solid solutions for economic, social and spiritual applications which can go a long way to help Americans avoid landing on the ash heap of extinct civilizations. Before we trust any more tax seasons or election cycles to a Federal government in the throes of betrayal, this book reaches out to all walks of life with hope for the future. This new book is provocative enough for political pundits, secular poets and religious priests. It’s a work you’ll want to keep handy, explaining to friends and family how to turn an American “nightmare” back into the American Dream. (691 pages)  



Starting from creation and studying the generations of a timeless people because of their timeless God, you'll follow the Scriptures through Abraham, the various ancient tribes of mankind reflected within the Scriptures and the genealogy of Jesus. We'll look at the Jewish understanding of time and the calendar of events. You will get a quick lesson in Hebrew and how that relates to a Jewish understanding of what Christians call the Old Testament. We'll look at spiritual root concepts which have practical applications, from ancient understandings during Jesus' time to how we relate to those concepts in today's world. You can get creative with this study book. We introduced "guest" rabbis. So there are places within the study guide where pastor makes suggestions for either a guest rabbi from your locale or where you can have video taped rabbinical teachings and suggestions for the ministry where you can get those video taped teachings from. This has been a favorite in our outreach for years. We know you will enjoy it as much as we have. 

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