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Because the socialists will be in charge. Progressives are socialists and socialists have taken over the Democrat Party in America. Progressivism must target you. Here is why: Some mistakenly believe socialism and the Bible are in agreement and that somehow Jesus was a socialist. Jesus was not a socialist. Socialism runs totally counterproductive to our Bibles. In fact, socialism is anti-Christ or anti-Christian. Let me explain why.

Socialism, by definition is the philosophical, social and economic system whereby society, its money, ventures of enterprise and industry— its people and even their religion— is owned and controlled by the state government rather than by individual people or companies or religious institutions. The socialistic doctrine demands state ownership and control of the fundamental means of production and distribution of wealth. That is to be achieved by reconstructing the existing capitalist or other political system of a country through democratic and parliamentary means. It advocates nationalization of natural resources, basic industries, banking and credit facilities and public utilities, along with the education systems in a country. 

Those educational systems must now teach the nationalistic mantra of the socialists’ religion or ideologies. Jimmy Carter brought socialism to the school system in 1979 by enacting the Department of Education. By centralizing control over key institutions of government, socialism takes over a nation. In America this was made more difficult because of its original limited and decentralized government. While certain institutions within government are necessary, heavy-handed bureaucratic control was never done until socialists started to work within the Federal bureaucracy.

Socialism places a special emphasis on the nationalization of monopolized branches of industry and trade. Socialism advocates state ownership of corporations in which the ownership function has passed from stockholders to managerial personnel. Smaller and less vital enterprises and institutions can be left under private ownership, thereby allowing private ownership of smaller corporations, though they are heavily regulated. This also was not a source of control until the ideologies of socialism started to pervade throughout a generation of CEOs who value making money through capitalism, but value control through socialism. By using a socialistic ideology, many of them think we can be fooled by the “compassion” of their company’s outreach. Their “compassion” is our captivity. We would be better off if they kept their money and left societal “change” to the common man.  

Socialism’s attempted legislative takeover began in 1908 with a republican. They called it Progressivism, and has continued today. Some believe they were at work during the Civil War, instigating even more division.(21) While the overwhelming evidence is that Democrats refused to give slaves their freedoms, thereby triggering the war, some theorize this is when socialists in the country decided the Democrat Party was easier to infiltrate. This may or may not be true, but at this point it seems to be water under the bridge. The reason why socialist/progressives use divisive issues to build a wedge between people is because that is the way to overtake a nation. The problem is that today it is attempting a coup of a duly elected president. It seems very few Christians, and even fewer pastors and religious leaders are worried about this.

So why are Christians and Jews a target? Because both groups of people built the original system of government enacted in America. This system gave the most amount of people, or the largest group of people civil rights and civil liberties the world over. Those rights are God-given. Some progressives, like Hillary Clinton, claim they agree with that. But, as in all things socialistic, their actions speak otherwise. Under progressivism/socialism, rights are controlled and heavily regulated by the State entity. They also believe they can be taken away or minimized by that same entity. Those God-given rights and liberties, especially enunciated in the first ten amendments, or our original Bill of Rights are what progressive/socialists must overcome. They cannot enact their agenda with them in place. The very foundations and ideologies fly in the face of each other. They cannot enact their laws or even gain the total power and control of the society without their own laws with their own jurisprudence system in place.

That means the people who know the original system, and who will fight for it must go, as well. So why should we fight for our original compact-covenant? Because biblical economics and God-given liberty demand it. Let me explain the science of both.


Biblical economics is not capitalism, but capitalism is the only system which will allow the economy of God to work, unless you want to enact a totally biblical economy. Based on science, socialism will not and can never encourage a biblical economy. In the biblical economy started by God in Genesis, the Almighty gave, as rightful owner, sovereignty to Adam for the earth, as well as his own personal autonomy. Adam turned that sovereignty over to a malevolent creature, which in turn stole what he could not have gotten through legal means. In understanding God’s economy, we must see it as a first principle. These entail original ways God made creation to function. In the beginning God gave, and what He created was made to mutually bless each thing He created. So Hebrew scholars refer to the principle of mutual beneficence as a first principle because it is how God created earth to function economically.(22)

We know sin changed God’s original plan for mankind’s sovereignty as well as His original plan for economics and natural science. In the scientific world, natural science says that an experiment plus an observation produces resultant scientific principles. Ludwig Von Mises was an economic scientist, born in the late 1880s; he lived until 1973. He was an atheist, so it would seem odd that he could be a champion for the church against socialism. He was so because he proved that socialism flies in the face of all science. By doing so, he unknowingly confirmed biblical economics. Here’s why:

Both the Bible and capitalism reflect the laws of natural science, since the fall of man. Of course, the Bible’s spiritual laws disrupt all other science, but that’s another topic entirely. Within an economic system which follows natural science, everyone is allowed access— thieves, saints, greedy hoarders and generous businesspeople— all show up. It is much easier for people who decide to connect to God’s spiritual laws, to function within capitalistic venture systems simply because these reflect natural science laws more thoroughly. Within capitalism all can access the free market with whatever talents or gifts are available to them. Now, minimal regulation is usually needed in capitalistic systems in order to minimize theft or total lawlessness. Otherwise, even crooks are allowed into the system if they can play by the rules enacted by whatever capitalist country they are in.  

So the Bible is not capitalism, but it works easily within capitalistic structures because it works with, or “covenants” within natural science systems quite closely. The reason why the results for people within this system are different is because people are different. In countries which use capitalism as their economic system, people are free to engage the system as their skill and success enable them. This will, based on natural science, produce different results.  

Socialists love to tell the lie that under their system everyone owns everything in common. In other words, everything the state owns, you own. This is a total lie because it flies in the face of natural science. Among most economists, the basic science for the definition of ownership is in the having or occupying. Occupation is synonymous with ownership simply because when you occupy, you have.  Within science, economists make the observation that there are two ways in which one occupies, or owns. You either gain ownership through violence (theft, deception, etc.) or you gain ownership through peaceful (legal) means. Scientifically, there are various different types of ownerships. Some different types of ownership are in consumption goods, durable goods, land, rentals, stocks, bonds, et cetera. 

There is a difference between ownership in consumption goods and durable goods. A consumption good is used up and gone; so its ownership is in the hands of the one using it, i.e., a private owner. Thus, there can only be the one consuming a good that is used up who is the owner. If you eat an apple, you are the owner. Even if you give your apple away, or let it rot, or cut it up to share with others, in each case it is disposed of, the ownership is not divided, nor can it be. In the case of a consumption good used by a number of people, it can still only be used by the person who consumes it at that time— or in their possession, regardless of legal constructs. So even in this case the ownership is in the having, but it is still in a moment in private ownership. Scientifically, it can be nothing else, no matter what anyone calls it. Ownership/occupation are in the Having.

There is another form of ownership we must discuss in addition to consumable-goods ownership. Let’s look at production-goods or durable goods owners. If I am a producer of TVs, or a farmer with a large production company growing and selling avocados nationwide, I might have a legal piece of paper telling me my company is in the shares of a corporation, but the reality of the having is that it is multi-faceted. On the one hand you have the one who physically has and you have the one who indirectly has. In both of these cases, the “owner” does not control the production as someone who grows food for their family does. The family farmer using their home-grown consumption goods are private owners. Production good “owners” are controlled by end “have” consumers— both the durable product TV owner and the consumption production-good, single avocado owner. They are the reason why someone makes TVs. Even those who need trucking companies, stores and electronic parts in order to produce and sell these goods have a division of labor involved in the production of them. 

So the natural, scientific ownership of production goods is different from the natural ownership of consumption goods. In other words, you don’t need to own an electronics store to own a TV and you don’t need to own a farm with avocado trees in order to own an avocado. So in a society in which production goods labor is divided, no one is an exclusive owner of the means of production. It’s really the consumers who are the true owners in this environment. They would be the reason why the producer enters into an economic endeavor. So they would be owners in a natural sense and the producer the administrator in a legal sense of other people’s property. This is why the “having,” or the ownership is multifaceted in a production-good economy and is different from the consumption-good private owner. 

Now, there are various different types of ownership in which the model changes, like rentals, stocks, bonds, land, etc. While one must look at various legalities in each, thus setting different parameters for ownership, the basic elements of the science still holds true. Suffice it to say within production goods, the ownership is already in common by the nature of production, with the understanding of whether it is a durable good or a consumable good. 

Let me take the observation to its conclusion. If you, no matter what anyone can define you as, own what you consume (use) as the end user as a private owner, and you own what you purchase from others as an owner in common within a system of production, then what is socialism/progressivism really offering you? What it is doing is stealing what you already own and lying to you that you can own everything else in common but, in a very real sense, based on natural laws of science, you already do.

So it is stealing into the hands of an “entity” (the state) you do not have any ownership rights in (remember ownership is in the having), what you already owned in common in a production setting and what you already owned privately in a consumption setting. Although, if you ate an avocado, or other consumption good, no matter how progressives regulate that avocado, you owned it! Socialism is violently appropriating what it never had to begin with, now making a state entity the legal owner of what it would never, according to natural laws of science, own anyway. It’s worse than a shell game. It’s a con game on the gullible leaving them penniless. It’s also something else: it is the exact mirror image of what the devil did when he stole Adam’s sovereignty, as well as the original biblical economy God implemented in the beginning.


The devil has no creative abilities. He is a spirit with no body. He can control nothing on the planet unless he convinces silly humans he can, getting them to turn over their own abilities. Humans have creative ability to birth governments, economic systems and other constructs simply because Adam was given authority to do so in the beginning. We build and birth church systems the same way. These institutions or constructs have no life of their own but reflect life, simply because humans started them. Different applications of natural science apply to them differently because they are different. Just like gravity is not mass, you still have to be careful not to come up against mass traveling at a speed which will kill you. In other words, don’t jump off of buildings. You may confuse the science of gravity with the science of mass, but there will be no confusion to what happens when land meets mass.  

While these entities are not robots and they are not mechanical, they still need structure and parameters to function by the humans who instituted them. They must do something else: they must function according to natural science or they will not survive. In order for the devil to control them, he must convince humans they are mechanical, a system with no other need but to be controlled; cold, calculated and functional: that’s it. No need for the warmth and original design they were created for and no need to function with the natural environment of natural science— or, as in the case of churches— the immutable paths instituted by God. 

There is no way for the devil to control something created by humans unless he convinces them it has no other need but to be controlled. Or, as he did with Eve, you can get “something” better by doing it his way. Remember, Adam and Eve already had God’s image. The serpent tried to convince them they could be what they already were by doing it his way, not God’s way. 

This is how he gets churches to keep operating with no Holy Spirit presence. This is how he deceives socialists that an economy is a thing to be mechanically engineered. That somehow they can own an economy. This is how he works. He is not creative and cannot be. He deceives to get power and then, because he is not the originator of what he steals, he functions by mechanical observation. Within a capitalistic economic system, because it must function by the rhythms and movements of natural science, it invites all to come; the deceiver may show up, but so does the church, individuals and others. 

If, while in that system you overspend or create too many TVs, you can go bankrupt, or you can flood the market and you lose the specialized pricing you would have gotten to help you survive. Because this kind of economics works within natural science, it must work with incentives and declines. Everything that works within laws of natural science must do that. Gravity works within natural science. Go against those laws, and watch something fall.  

Because we are in a birth and death cycle of the planet, all things which function according to natural science are going to go through a birth and death cycle— a rise and a fall— including economies. When we allow natural science to function in economic systems, recovery happens quicker. When we tinker with economies like progressives, socialists and communists do, you extend the time it takes to recover. This has been proven over and over, but never so clearly as when FDR tinkered with the Federal government, creating as close to a progressive socialistic state as he could. Economists, even the liberal ones, have proven it dramatically increased and extended the recession at that time.(23) 

You also do not produce innovative products; you must steal them instead. We see this with countries like Russia and China. They must steal because they don’t place natural science incentives for the original creators to work, thus forcing innovation behind the veil of bureaucracy or the state. God created Adam with free choice and free will to rule. It is against God’s design for mankind to turn our autonomy, authority and responsibility over to an entity called The State. 

Non-believers will argue that is what we are doing by going to church. Some churches may function that way with a religious spirit, which is cult-like, but that is not what anyone should do. The definition of a religious spirit is one created by God for a purpose and plan, but then disobeys that purpose and plan and does what it desires to do. Alas, that is not how God gave us the idea of church. We are supposed to come together and advance His kingdom by each one of us moving and listening to the Holy Spirit. This is part of God’s design, to be a mutual partner with Him. We can decide not to obey God. The reality is that the “state” wants no one else but the state to have authority.

Let me prove that to you. Under a socialistic system your children belong to the state, your health belongs to the state, your money…. I could go on. This would mean that ultimately, when your will or plans for your children or health or money come in conflict with the state, you are not going to win. Guess whose decision will be followed? Never was this more evident than with the British child, Charlie Gard. He had a condition the state said was incurable, even though there were some innovations discovered in the United States which may have helped him early on. His parents had gotten roughly one million dollars to take him to the United States to attempt medical treatment, thereby absolving the British state of any economic responsibilities. His parents were not allowed to do so.(24) They weren’t allowed because they were under the single-payer system in the UK, or as socialists want to do here, the Medicare-for-all system. Under these socialistic behemoths, you are not free to do as you please with your health, but must obey the decisions made for you by doctors, courts and governmental bureaucrats.(25)

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